Permission to Thrive Affirmation Card Deck


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You have permission to thrive in life!

A set of 50 Permission Granted Affirmation Cards are all gentle reminders about positivity, inspiration, motivation, encouragement, and self-love.

Use these cards whenever you need a gentle reminder, a supportive message or need to feel more empowered and ready to take on the day.

The Permission Granted Affirmation Cards may be used as both affirmation and motivation cards. A powerful way to use these cards is to pull a card every day and place it where you will see it frequently so that you can see the statement and repeat the reminder as much as possible.

I hope these Permission Granted Affirmation Cards will help you to take a more positive view on life and start a practice of self trust, self acceptance, and self love.

Practicing affirmations has been life changing for me and I hope these cards will enhance your day and encourage you to want to try to be your greatest self.

These are also a unique gift idea for the amazing people in your life.


– As a daily reminder of positivity, gratitude, self-empowerment
– As an addition to your vision board
– Place in your planner as an inspirational note
– Gift individual cards to special people in your life
– Use as a journal prompt during meditation
– Stick your favourites somewhere you can see them daily
– Pick one card that resonates with you most in the morning and repeat it out loud



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