Crown Chakra Candle

The spicy temple scent of Frankincense, Jasmine, myrrh, and a touch of Lemongrass will help open and balance the crown chakra so answers to your questions come in less filtered and more easily heard. When you say, “omg, I need a miracle” it’s time for a crown chakra shift with a chakra candle to get your answers.

The crown chakra is linked to the color violet, and is located at the top of the head. When balanced, a person feels connected to the divine, peace-filled and accepting of their place in the world. Light the Crown Chakra Candle, recite the attached mantra three times, and you’re opening yourself up to receive a miracle. Let the candle burn for approximately 40 minutes at a time, you can either focus on one chakra and its mantra, or cycle through all seven chakras and their mantras.

The Crown Chakra Candle is Violet in colour, 2″ in diameter x 4.5″ tall, and a total of 40 hours of burn time.

Crown Chakra Mantra: “I open up to the beautiful gifts a connection to the divine brings. With every breath I take, I feel peace. With every breath I take I know there is wisdom here for me. With every breath I take, I am understanding my life’s purpose better. With every breath I take, I accept my part in the universe willingly.”


Customer Reviews


I absolutely love my Gemstone Affirmation Hydration System! I've been using it for a little over a week now and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, my energy levels, and my intentions. I have a hard time drinking water normally because I either forget to or I don't feel like it, but the excitement I feel to focus on my affirmations makes me WANT to drink water because it feels so good. The gemstones are just beautiful and the bottle itself is so sleek. The best part about the gemstones is the separate compartment allows me to add crystals that aren’t water soluble but whose properties align with my intentions and desires.

Carol, PA

This is a great gift for anyone who wants to change their lives. It's a great gift for someone who wants to start a daily affirmation practice but doesn't know where to begin. I have used my affirmations to manifest wealth, love and happiness in my life. It works!!