Aventurine - 3 oz

Aventurine is the “stone of opportunity.” It can bring us optimism, joy, and creativity, as well as prosperity and abundance. This crystal is known to enhance creativity, imagination, and prosperity. The rejuvenating aventurine also helps relieve fatigue and discomfort throughout the body and mind.

Place around the home or office to improve one’s ability to attract wealth, in addition to fostering creativity, imagination, independence, and prosperity.

This 3 oz bag is perfect for refilling your Gemstone Hydration System, bringing love and compassion to every drink. Or you can use these semi-precious stones as a meditation tool, to make a crystal grid, or even to decorate an altar. A card with crystal care instructions is included in every order.


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Customer Reviews


I absolutely love my Gemstone Affirmation Hydration System! I've been using it for a little over a week now and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin, my energy levels, and my intentions. I have a hard time drinking water normally because I either forget to or I don't feel like it, but the excitement I feel to focus on my affirmations makes me WANT to drink water because it feels so good. The gemstones are just beautiful and the bottle itself is so sleek. The best part about the gemstones is the separate compartment allows me to add crystals that aren’t water soluble but whose properties align with my intentions and desires.

Carol, PA

This is a great gift for anyone who wants to change their lives. It's a great gift for someone who wants to start a daily affirmation practice but doesn't know where to begin. I have used my affirmations to manifest wealth, love and happiness in my life. It works!!