Abundance Bills – 10 Pack



An abundant mindset is a habit we all should all foster. These $1,000,000,000 Gold Foil Bills come in a special envelope and encourage you to foster the behaviours of an abundant individual. Each envelope comes with 10 bills which we encourage you to use in your daily lives. Some examples of ways you can use these bills.

  • Place in your wallet / purse to encourage the constant flow of money into your hands
  • Give a bill to someone in your life (here’s an abundant tip…the more you give, the more you’ll receive)
  • Place it on your altar with a note of gratitude
  • Place in a frame and hang in your home or in your office
  • Place on your vision board

Choose your envelope’s focus word

Abundance, Blessings, Fortune, Gratitude, Happiness, Opulence, Prosperity, Success

The bills have been blessed for Abundance and Prosperity by an Intuitive Healer.


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